Firm Overview

We understand the legal and the emotional aspects of traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury cases. We have extensive resources for medical information and consultation, so that we can assure each client full support in his or her medical choices.

Our expertise and compassion in handling injury claims on behalf of our clients are unparalleled. We support our clients with the resources they need to obtain a complete recovery, taking into account current and future losses. Our attorneys and staff also care about our clients as individuals; our clients know how important they are to us personally and they value their relationships with us just as we value our continuing relationships with our clients.

When permanent injury or disability is a possible result of an accident, we make sure that our clients are protected for future as well as immediate concerns. We work with a life care planner to make sure all relevant factors are considered. Our focus is always on the complete recovery of our clients, making sure they understand their needs for future rehabilitation, long-term care and financial support due to future medical costs and loss of earning capacity.

We want to make sure victims of serious injuries receive the help they need. Please contact us for a free initial consultation so that we can help you decide what to do.