Experienced Spinal / Brain Injury Attorney

At Spinal Injury California, we are more than experienced personal injury attorneys.  Our teams of personal injury lawyers serve clients that have been seriously injured in California, Arizona and Nevada. We understand the complex problems caused by spinal cord injury and brain injuries and have substantial experience in handling these cases.

We know that  serious psychological and emotional trauma occur with a life-threatening injuries, such as traumatic brain injury (tbi), spinal cord injury or other catastrophic injuries.  When long-lasting effects of such serious injuries as brain injury result in the need for life-long medical care more than your average lawyer is required.

The trial lawyers at Spinal Injury California have expertise in spine injury involving partial or total paralysis and understands the full range of injuries.  Spinal Injury California has offices to serve you in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas. See our Contact Us page for all our office locations.

Initial consultations are always free, and you do not pay attorney fees unless you receive financial compensation. Please contact us today to discuss your injury claim and the ways in which we can help.